Air Conditioning - Residential

BSF Contractors is able to design, supply and install a range of air conditioning solutions for your home. As authorised contractors for Fujitsu we offer their full warranty.

Modern air conditioning systems are quiet, not intrusive, cost efficient, easy to operate and easy to install.

BSF supplies several types of air conditioning systems. These include:

Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. This has the following features:

It supplies both heating and cooling.

With appropriate ducting, it can reach every room in the house.

It can be zoned for maximum efficiency and comfort

It can be programmed for climate control.

It is an extremely energy efficient solution.

Split system airconditioning.

This type of system is extremely versatile and can be designed according to your needs. Split systems can be:

Reverse cycle or cooling only.

Single unit or multi unit systems.

Ducted or stand alone. A range of ducting options is available.

Programmed for efficient climate control.

Operated by remote control .

Fujitsu's range of ducted and split system airconditioning products is more fully described on their website.


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